Werkorganisatie Duivenvoorde
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Workorganization Duivenvoorde

Dear Madam/Sir,

On behalf of the municipalities of Wassenaar and Voorschoten we would like to inform you on organizational changes starting January 1st 2013.
From this date on all civil servants who are now working for either the municipality of Voorschoten or the municipality of Wassenaar will start working together in one organization called ‘workorganization Duivenvoorde’ (werkorganisatie Duivenvoorde in Dutch). The workorganization Duivenvoorde will work for both the municipalities of Voorschoten and Wassenaar. This organizational change provides stronger and effective services to the citizens of the two municipalities.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Contact details municipality of Voorschoten
Phone: 14071 (key only these 5 digits)
Email: gemeente@voorschoten.nl
Visiting address Customer Contact Center:
Leidseweg 25
2252 LA Voorschoten
Website: www.voorschoten.nl

Contact details municipality of Wassenaar
Phone: 14070 (key only these 5 digits)
Email: gemeente@wassenaar.nl
Visiting address Customer Contact Center:
Johan de Wittstraat 45
2240 AL Wassenaar
Website: www.wassenaar.nl